Old 2604 Road

Total Miles


2029.25 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Old 2604 Road is a side trail off of Supai Village 328 this consists of deep mud ruts and chalky, light dirt. This 5.5-mile trail is a single-lane with a few scattered primitive camping sites nearer to Supai Village 328. As is typical with the region, this trail is populated with Ponderosa Pines, Elk, and Wild Horses that provide plenty of shade and wildlife viewing. The pleasant surprise of this trail is the railroad tracks. The trail passes under these tracks not once, but twice, providing a great photo op for your vehicle though now guaranteed covered to be in dust. Please note these track crossings are NOT high vertically and WILL NOT FIT much more than a teardrop trailer. Still, the trail is interesting, with ravines and rock formations easy to explore.


Unmaintained dusty trail with ruts that could prove challenging after rain or snow.



Technical Rating


Access Description

From Highway 64 head West on Supai Village 328. A couple of miles in you'll see a well marked offshoot trail labeled 2604. Turn South onto the 2604 Road.