Columbus Wash

Total Miles


413.59 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

What a fun wash; it's not as open and easy as some of the other ones in the area. This one has more technical sections and narrow parts. There are a few steep drops and shelves 2-4' high. It's mostly pea-sized gravel, but some super fine deep sand sections require airing down for larger vehicles. In the lower section, there are some rocky caliche areas where one can choose the super easy route or the super flexy more challenging route; you really can choose your own adventure with this area. Be on the lookout for deer hiding in the sides. Two decent-sized bucks were seen on this trail, along with many jackrabbits and cottontails springing across as you work your way through. There are even a few roadrunners to lead the way across the hot sand. Some sections have very narrow Ironwood and Paloverde trees that are guaranteed to cause paint damage unless one wants to do some trail maintenance. Also, keep your eyes peeled for sneaky rocks hiding in the sand that would make quick work of a softer wheel and possibly cause a bend if hit at speed. Overall it's a really fun and challenging wash with excellent views of Columbus Mountain and the surrounding jagged mountains in the area. There is very little cell coverage to the north and one bar of unusable Verizon LTE near the south. Plan ahead, download your offline maps, and bring plenty of water.


On this trail there is a gravel wash with rocky ledges, deep sand sections, and fun rocky fields. Paint damage is guaranteed.

Technical Rating