Not the Way Across the Tracks

Total Miles


1448.05 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

This section of the Old 89 takes the driver from the new paved 89 back across the ridge to the old dirt section. There are quite a few nice dispersed camping spots near the beginning of the trail as long as you don't mind the noise from the nearby cement factory. When viewing the maps It appears as if there is a way to crossover the tracks here to access the network of trails to the east. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Travel south on the old 89 and cut across on East Verde Ranch road. But keeping in mind, you will have to travel the highway in order to do so. Also one should note there is no access through the old 89 past the cement plant. This road is gated and locked with less than welcoming signage. Ther is one bar LTE cell service. This trail may be impassable when wet.


Mostly wide washboard, with plenty of room to pass. Could be impassable when wet. No winter maintenance.

Technical Rating