Mount Ord

Total Miles


2053.3 ft


2.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Mt Ord is almost 7000' elevation, so it is a nice place to be in hot weather, but not so good after a cold winter storm.This trip is an enjoyable way to spend a short day out in the brush. A fairly easy trail with great scenery.We like to do the northern 4WD part of the trail first, but it certainly can be done in any direction. Doing it from the north gets the few relatively easy challenges out of the way and then you can putz around some easy roads and coast on home.The northern 4WD road is Forest Service Road #27. It has a couple of tippy spots and numerous areas of gullies caused by erosion over the years. The main road to the peak (#626) is a well-graded road suitable for most vehicles. The road is gated before actually reaching the peak.There is no problem finding a lunch spot with a view. You might even see a prescribed burn beyond the Mogollon Rim.When you are done exploring the high country head on down the west end to Highway 87.


Mostly easy trail with a few washes. These can become larger after heavy storms

Technical Rating