Mormon Mountain

Total Miles


2585.77 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This fun and scenic out-and-back trail to the top of Mormon Mountain is nestled amongst Ponderosa pines, mixed conifers, and aspen trees. The trail begins with deep ruts, and loose rock, then transitions to areas with erosion, mud puddles (when wet), and both loose and buried rocks. High clearance and 4x4 is highly recommended. Halfway up the trail, there is a parking area for the Mormon Mountain hike trailhead, which will lead you back down the mountain to Mormon Lake. Take your time so that you can take in the vistas of the surrounding forest, and keep an eye out for deer, elk, Abert's squirrels, and other wildlife. Rain will likely increase trail difficulty. As always, be a steward and protect our public lands and national forests; observe Tread Lightly! Principles and have fun!


Dirt erosion with deep ruts mixed with loose and buried rocks. This is a bumpy ride to the top with some smooth areas. Active rain, or recent rain, will likely result in mud puddles of varying depths.


Many communication towers atop Mormon Mountain.

Technical Rating


Access Description

From Munds Park, take Casner Park trail to FS RD 132A and take a left. Travel a little over a mile and turn right for Mormon Mountain (sign on tree).