Mining Border Run

Total Miles


111.92 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Winter, Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

This fun out and back with a loop at the end is a challenging run up into the hills. It begins lower in some sandy washes, so it would be a good idea to have your tires aired down right when you leave the pavement. The climbs begin mild, then transition to steeper/looser with more off-camber transitions. Once at the top of the ridgeline, the trail narrows a bit, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a few very challenging offshoot loops suited perfectly for a vehicle with good suspension. Be sure to soak in the incredible views at the top and make a call if need be with 4-bars of 5G Verizon cell service that fades to two or fewer in the valley below.


Some steep, loose, longer hill climbs and off-camber ridgetop transitions.

Technical Rating