Middle Dripping Springs

Total Miles


559.65 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This is a short trip into the hills, ended at a very steep, loose hill climb, and does continue to link up with the main Dripping Springs Trail. This hill is a long, steep, loose, and twisty climb with sections of large rock shelves and loose sections before and after. Experienced riders and drivers should only attempt this hill. Otherwise, the trail is beautiful to pass through a canyon of cholla forests, saguaros, and creosote. There are rocky, sandy wash sections and even an old homestead house on a hill in the canyon with interesting walls holding massive pieces of quartz within them. One bar LTE cell service in and out.

Photos of Middle Dripping Springs

Middle Dripping Springs
Middle Dripping Springs
Middle Dripping Springs


The trail is rated a 4, until the hill climb where recording stops, Hill climb to connect to rest of trail would push to a 7 to continue

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Robert Wiggenhorn
Jan 08, 2024

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