McCabe Mine & Cemetery Loop

Total Miles


1,562.64 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

The trail starts off as an easy semi-maintained trail until the 3.5-mile mark. After that, this trail becomes rutted and eroded in many spots. Keep an eye out for the McCabe Cemetery marker on your left while driving/riding to the loop. There is a small hill descent that is rutted and steep but not very long. Around the loop, many erosion ruts will claim a lower-clearance bumper. Several uneven ruts on this trail will have some high-clearance 4x4s rocking on 3 wheels.

Photos of McCabe Mine & Cemetery Loop

McCabe Mine & Cemetery Loop
McCabe Mine & Cemetery Loop
McCabe Mine & Cemetery Loop


A handful of erosion ruts will put some 4x4s on 3 wheels. There's a short, steep, rutted downhill, and erosion washes that will claim lower-clearance bumpers.


This trail takes you to an area where an old mining town named McCabe used to be located. The town was founded around the late 1800s by miners and their families. The McCabe Mine was an underground gold and silver mine. The only remains of the town of McCabe is the cemetery that rests on the side of this trail.

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