FR 425 Big Saddle-Bee Spring

Total Miles


2,567.11 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

FR 425 Big Saddle-Bee Spring is a 19.1-mile point-to-point trail rated 2 of 10 located in the Kaibab National Forest. FR 425 is a maintained gravel road. The first 10 miles (up to FR 292) is a maintained gravel two-vehicle-width trail. FR 425 provides access to Crazy Jug, Monument Point, Thunder River Trailhead, and Sowats Point. The last 9-mile southern section running east-west is rated 3 or higher after wet weather, generally requires 4WD, and is narrow with low-hanging brush and trees where pinstriping is possible. The southern section follows Indian Hollow Canyon to a steep switchback exit connecting to Dry Ridge Park and eventually exits back on FR 22. FR 425 travels through a valley of oak, aspen, and ponderosa pine stands with multiple grassy meadows. There are multiple opportunities for dispersed camping along the trail. The Kaibab National Forest abounds with wildlife and a keen eye may spot deer, eagles, coyotes, and the unique Kaibab squirrel. The Kaibab squirrel is unique for its white tail. Located near the intersection of FR 425 and FR 292 is Big Saddle Point and a large stock corral. At this point, most visitors leave FR 425 and take FR 292 to Crazy Jug Point. This is a remote area with few weekly visitors. The trail is open year-round; however, it is not plowed in the winter and may be inaccessible due to snow. There is no cell phone coverage in the area, and the nearest fuel is either at Jacob Lake or inside the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. The nearest services can be found in Fredonia.

Photos of FR 425 Big Saddle-Bee Spring

FR 425 Big Saddle-Bee Spring
FR 425 Big Saddle-Bee Spring
FR 425 Big Saddle-Bee Spring


This is a county dirt road with infrequent or light maintenance after rain or snow. High-clearance, light-duty 4WD may be required.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

Starting at the Kaibab Plateau Visitor Center, go south on AZ 67 for 0.25 miles and turn right on Forest Road (FR) 461. Drive 5.5 miles and go right on FR 462. On FR 462, drive 3 miles to the intersection of FR 22 and turn left (south). Continue south on FR 22 for approximately 12 miles and turn right onto FR 425.

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