King Road to Pipeline

Total Miles


756.76 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Winter, Spring

Trail Overview

This lengthy route skirts the KOFA National Wildlife Refuge's eastern region and can easily be combined with other local trails like Hoodoo Wash or KOFA Pipeline. Overall the terrain isn't too technical, and the scenery is definitely more of an attraction than the obstacles you'll encounter. But, the trail presents challenges that inexperienced drivers shouldn't take too lightly. Along the way, you'll encounter large boulders, sandy/gravel-filled washes, and numerous spots where you'll need to squeeze through brush that isn't friendly to modern automotive paint. There are also a few spots where part of the road is washed out, but there is plenty of room to avoid incident if you're paying attention.


Some sections have large rocks to navigate around... or over. And there are quite a few washes with deep sand/gravel.

Technical Rating