Little Badger Canyon

Total Miles


1167.39 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

This short sweet out and back is a great camping option for the area. There are quite a few small off-shoot trails that all lead to nice flat spots. The views of the Vermillion Cliffs are outstanding at any time of day as they rise above every camping spot here. The main trail ends at a large level spot with a big fire ring and plenty of room to turn around. The cell service is excellent, with three bars of LTE Verizon service. The springtime wildflowers smell amazing and are a visual treat not to be missed. The trail is a mixture of gravel and dirt. Most of the trail is wide enough for oncoming to pass except at a few pinch points. There is a gate to contain livestock that may be grazing in the area, and signs state to keep it closed.Rate it a 2 Ran on MotoDirt.25 minutes


Some rocks in the trail to negotiate at times. Also, more caution needs to be taken to spot the few narrow pinch points on the trail in case one has to pass an oncoming vehicle.

Technical Rating