Hassayampa River

Total Miles


542.59 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

The Hassayampa River trail is a wide sandy wash. Great for playing around in the sand, with a lot of smaller shorter trails to explore. You will need an Arizona State Trust Land recreational permit, as a large portion of the land is State Trust land. If you are just passing through and do not stop, you may not need a permit. You can spend one hour, or an entire day out here.Gates will need to be opened and then shut after passing through them. There are free range cows out here as well, so be respectful towards them. Cell phone service is available in some areas.

Photos of Hassayampa River

Hassayampa River
Hassayampa River


Deep sand will be encountered, with possible flooding during or after any rain storm. 4WD with decent tires is almost a must. Most parts of the trail are wide open, however some areas go down to 1 vehicle width.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Jared Pehrson
May 14, 2023

Access Description

Coming from Surprise, follow US-60, travel westbound until W Gates RD, just prior to Morristown. Turn left onto W Gates RD, and follow until it dead ends. You will see the wash and roughly 2-3 entrances to drive into it.Trailer parking is available after crossing the railroad tracks off to the right.

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