Flat Top Butte

Total Miles


336.71 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Winter

Trail Overview

This trail is an out and back route. But wow, are the views worth it. The trail begins in the flatlands' lower valleys and drainage fans, and they progress into the hills toward the naval bombing range. As the route progresses, it gets tighter and narrower as the views become even more spectacular. There are a few great flat dispersed camping spots sprinkled here and there. Once closer to the butte, the Mountain views become even more stunning and monolithic as the cliff faces rose from the desert. As you pass through the scrub brush, keep your eyes peeled for desert tortoises and foxes. There are plenty of qual and roadrunners to stop and observe as well. Be aware that the naval base is a no-trespassing area marked clearly by white signs. It's an open bombing range, and extreme caution should be used and any unexposed ordinance reported. This is a fantastic option for a peaceful trail with no traffic, as it's very remote. Be sure to download offline maps before you go, and bring plenty of fuel and water, as there is no cell service out here.


Expect loose sandy sections, steep drops in and out of washes, and a few large boulders.

Technical Rating