Devil's Bridge, Van Deren Cabin

Total Miles


1431.43 ft


2 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Just before Van Deren Cabin you'll hit an amazing challenge that is short, but a lot of fun. Devil's Bridge, one of the most beautiful archs in Sedona is not to miss. You'll have a quick .8 mile hike to see it, but its worth every step. Just beofre the arch is a fork. Go right and take a steep climb to the top. Take a left to view it from below. Both views are stunning. Road 152 is not recommended for unlicensed vehicles. You don't need a Red Rock pass at Devil's Bridge.


Moderate: Forest Road 152 is mostly easy with a few rocky spots that turn cars around. The last quarter mile to Van Deren Cabin definitely requires high clearance 4-wheel drive. Walk this part if you find it too tough.


The cabin is named after Earl Van Deren, who bought the homestead in 1924. The north half of the cabin was constructed first, then in 1930, Earl married and built the south half. A breezeway connects the two parts. The metal roof is intended to preserve the cabin as long as possible. The delicate structure should be viewed not entered.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Drive west on Highway 89A from Sedona about 3 miles to Dry Creek Road, marked by a major traffic light. Head north 2 miles and turn right at sign to Vultee Arch.