Castle Dome Mountains

Wild animal sightings are almost guaranteed on this rugged trail through Kofa National Wildlife Refuge.

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598.05 ft


5 Hours

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Trail Overview

This trail travels through Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. Common signtings include golden eagle, fox, bobcat, coyote, mule deer and bighorn sheep. Its a long, hot trail, so be sure to bring water. Castle Dome Mines Museum is located just after McPhereson pass. The area has a very interesting mining history, so this stop is fun. You'll also get a chance to hike up a half-mile or so to some cabins at Big Eye Mine.


Easy: Mostly single-lane washboard road with a few bumpier spots. McPherson Pass is rougher and requires good articulation and high ground clearance. Suitable for aggressive stock SUVs with 4-wheel drive.


The bighorn sheep located in the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge represent the largest population in the U.S. The sheep have been important in the reestablishment and maintenance of bighorn populations across Arizona and throughout the southwestern United States. As part of an effort to restore bighorn sheep to the San Andres Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico, 30 sheep were captured and transported from KOFA in 2005.

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Access Description

Head north from Yuma on Highway 95. Turn east on King Road between mile markers 76 and 77. From Quartzsite, King Road is about 29 miles south.