Bypass Confluence Crossing

Total Miles


390.17 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This hilly bypass for the AZPT accomplishes a few things. It bypasses the super silty section that runs from Wickenburg road to the old bus. This section can also be very muddy when wet or when the lake is at higher water levels. This moderately challenging route through the hills has it all. A few small ledges, some off-camber sections. Short, steep loose hill climbs and descents, and a blast through the sandy wash right after a refreshing water crossing. If you're lucky you may spot some Burros, lots of cacti, and desert plants along the trail. The red rocks and occasional slick rock sections are reminiscent of Sedona and Moab, but with its own desert flair. Be sure to pause before you drop down to the river bed to enjoy some of the views of the river flowing below. 2 bars LTE service in and out


Steep short hill climbs with loose rock, some rocky sections and a sandy section to complete the loop

Technical Rating