Burro Canyon

Total Miles


949.58 ft



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Best Time

Fall, Winter, Spring

Trail Overview

Burro Canyon is an easy but beautiful out and back trail that leads into the heart of the KOFA National Wildlife Refuge. Early on in your southbound trek, you'll encounter washes, cacti, and large-scale views of the region's rugged landscape. Along the way, there are a few tight spots where a full-size vehicle (large SUV, truck, or Van) will have to push its way through sharp branches, navigate a tight turn or two, and test break over/departure angles while entering and exiting washes. A midsize truck will make it through without much drama, but larger vehicles will likely return home with a few scratches - as is the case with most of the KOFA's interior trails. After entering the canyon views constrict, but the trail's turns and sharp brush opens up a bit. You'll encounter loose gravel, but only the very last quarter mile or so is slightly rocky and mildly technical. The end of the trail provides a small turnaround, but it's not large enough to facilitate an off-road trailer.

Photos of Burro Canyon

Burro Canyon
Burro Canyon
Burro Canyon


For the most part... washes, tight brush, and a few sharp turns will present the greatest challenge; especially for anything larger than a mis size pickup.

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Hernan Soto
Jul 29, 2023

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