BLM 7184

Total Miles


1815.11 ft


3 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Spring, Winter, Summer

Trail Overview

This is an intermediate trail with decent obstacles. The trail winds its way from Blake Ranch RD all the way up to the Hualapai Mountains on fire road 7184. The trail starts low in the pinions and junipers and ends in the ponderosa pines. There are some wash sections and multiple creek crossings. Not an advisable trail when it has recently rained or snowed as runoff can be severe. It is highly recommended to have a lifted 4x4 with at least 1 locker, not necessary. This trail is constantly changing due to mother nature and can throw an unexpected obstacle at you. This connects to a featured trail, Moss Wash. Don't forget to stop by the Hualapai Lodge, a good place for a beverage and a meal.


Trail has new wash outs throughout and some new rocks in different positions from flood waters. Some walls are much taller do to erosions around bends in the creek.

Technical Rating