Back to the Corner

Total Miles


141.45 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This fun trail hugs the edge of the hills as it twists and turns, climbs, and falls its way along the foothills. There are deep washouts, steep hill climbs, and narrow rocky squeezes. Throw in the occasional off-camber transition, making it a fun route. For more of a challenge, be sure to take some of the alternate loops and offshoots from this main route. There are a few dispersed camping spots along the way with a 14-day stay limit, but they are harder to get to than some easier ones lower in the valley. Keep your eyes peeled for military Ospreys flying low and doing maneuvers in the skies above. This area can get busy on winter weekends, so be prepared for heavy oncoming traffic. Five bars of Verizon 5G fade to none in the canyons.

Photos of Back to the Corner

Back to the Corner
Back to the Corner
Back to the Corner


This trail is mostly easy, with some rocky tight spots and deeper transitions through the washes. A few steep hill climbs here and there to keep things interesting. There are deep sand in the wash.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Miles Mcaughey
Sep 03, 2023

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