AZPT Red Raven to Chicken Foot

Total Miles


336.06 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Winter

Trail Overview

This mostly east section of the Arizona Peace Trail connects the Red Raven trail to the north and Chicken Foot Cabin and tank to the south. There are a few excellent dispersed camping spots with old fire rings. One may catch a red-tailed hawk out hunting while they explore the trail. The trail is narrow in some sections, and paint damage is guaranteed with plenty of sharp desert plants lining the route. The trail gets a little interesting with a few off-camber transitions and steeper wash crossings, but nothing a good clearance 4x4 can't do. Airing down for the sandy wash crossings and very sharp rocks is helpful. Keep an eye out for military aircraft tactfully performing maneuvers in the area. There are a few bars of LTE cell service with Verizon. off-camber and steep wash entry and exits.


Expect off-camber and steep wash entry and exits.

Technical Rating