Aso Ranch to O'Leary Loop

Total Miles


2,026.38 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This single-track forest road leads you from Highway 89 west to the historic Aso Ranch through the Coconino National Forest, or east as an alternate access to O'Leary Loop, bypassing the challenging FS 9124 portion of the O'Leary Trail. It can be run in any direction. The trail was mapped traveling from Aso Ranch east to O'Leary Loop. As a solo trail, it can be run from Highway 89 to Aso Ranch. At Aso Ranch, you can pick up the 89 to Aso Ranch Trail to easily get back to the pavement.


West of Highway 89, stock 4x4 will find deep washouts that require good tire placement and potentially some road-building skills. Lifted rigs will have no problems. Ninety percent of the erosion is located on the Highway 89 end of the trail between Stagg Tank and Old Grand Canyon Tank. From Old Grand Canyon Tank to Aso Ranch, this is a grade 3 trail. East of Highway 89 (towards O'Leary Loop), it's a grade 3 trail and has no obstacles of note because there are bypasses for all eroded areas on that side of the trail. Note: monsoon season can, and will, change the nature of this trail. There is evidence of serious erosion problems with multiple, almost washed away, culverts attempting to repair the erosion between Stagg Tank and OGC Tank.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

To get to Aso Ranch, you will cross into Arizona Trust Land, which requires a permit. You can obtain this online at: The cost is $15 and provides you with 12-month access to any Arizona Trust Land.

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