81 OH Tres

Total Miles


727.92 ft


1.25 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This BLM out-and-back route starts in a dense forest of Saguaro Cacti that almost seamlessly becomes a dense forest of Cholla( the dreaded jumping cacti). It features tall rock faces and formations. A keen eye will notice arches here and there and many caves along the way. Some even appear to be ancient cliff-dwelling remains. A pair of binoculars is highly recommended for viewing while on this trail. The trail then drops into a wash shortly after passing the remains of a horse corral. Once in the wash, the real fun begins with steep off-camber sandy ledges and large boulders to carefully navigate. Sliders and armor are highly recommended. A good vehicle with great articulation is needed; a spotter will also help. There are no signs in the wash at the trail's end when you arrive at the Barry Goldwater bombing range. Be sure to turn around at this point. There is no cell service back here, so download offline maps before you head out. Deep sand: off-camber transitions, large Boulder fields, and large obstacles. The trail is narrow in some parts, and paint and sidewall damage is guaranteed.


You will encounter deep sand, off-camber transitions, large boulder fields, and large obstacles.

Technical Rating