USFSR #502A - Old Telephone Line

Total Miles


369.31 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

USFSR #502A - Old Telephone Line is a seasonally open trail from 10/01-02/29. This trail has been well maintained on the first third of the trail. The remaining two-thirds have not been maintained in many years. Where this trail was once carved out, now hosts a plethora of sections filled with saplings and fallen trees. Exercise caution around these saplings as they can puncture a radiator, rip out underbody wiring, or damage hose lines if you attempt to drive over them. To properly pass through, hours of trail maintenance must be performed. Before you get to the overgrown areas, the trail will boast a large roundabout that could host the perfect primitive campsite. Be sure to carry a copy of the Motor Vehicle Use Map that is provided by the USFS before traveling. It can be downloaded at the USFS website or the paper versions are free at many of the local gas stations.

Photos of USFSR #502A - Old Telephone Line

USFSR #502A - Old Telephone Line
USFSR #502A - Old Telephone Line
USFSR #502A - Old Telephone Line


If this trail was well groomed, it would be a 2 in difficulty at most. However, the large downed trees are the largest obstacle on the trail. Large tires are a must, or bring a chainsaw to clear the path of downed trees.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Zach Skaggs
Mar 16, 2024
Temporarily Closed

Access Description

502A is located on the left-hand side if you are traveling north on USFSR #500 from it's southernmost point. It is a dead end trail that requires a return trip back to the entrance once you reach the end.

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