Trail to Playa El Choyudito

Total Miles


51.32 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This route takes you to a beautiful remote camping beach with a view of an island covered in Giant Cardones Cacti and great snorkeling. Just past the port city of San Carlos the pavement ends at a small fishing village called La Manga. There are several small restaurants on the beach where fishermen bring in their catch daily. The road goes through the small village and turns inland. The road gets rougher but is still high clearance 2WD friendly the entire way when dry. On the way, the trail passes a camping area called Ojo de Agua (Eye of Water) which is a natural spring high on a nearby mountain. You can hike to the spring among palm trees and camp on the small ranch's land for a fee. Continuing along the route you see Organ Pipe Cactus and Giant Cardones which are related to Saguaro's, but a different species of cactus. Where the road ends is the best view and access for snorkeling, but for those with a capable 4x4, there are many more remote campsites to the North and South of this point. These other roads back to San Carlos or further up the coast often require more clearance and some form of traction control. Cell phone signal is strong at campsites. (Google Fi/T-mobile/AT&T)


Although the road is sometimes maintained there are some larger "gotcha" to look out for to avoid flats or damage to the undercarriage. Beware, in Summer this area is extremely hot and humid even at night.

Technical Rating