Isla Tiburon Coastal Desert Route Punta Chueca to Puerto Libertad

Total Miles


129.62 ft


5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

An off-road adventure starts from the serene and charming fishing village of Punta Chueca, culminating at the highway that leads to Puerto Libertad. This awe-inspiring route spans a considerable distance and treats you to a breathtaking amalgamation of natural desert scenery, and stunning views of the ocean and Isla Tiburon, all along the way. For those who have recently visited Bahia De Kino and plan on taking the free highway through Puerto Libertad and Puerto Lobos, this off-road trail is an excellent choice to consider and is often a more comfortable driving experience than the highway due to the substandard maintenance and minimal use of the paved road. A word of caution, however; the trail is devoid of any services or gas stations, so be sure to carry extra water and fuel as a precautionary measure against unexpected mechanical issues or wrong turns. The path consists mostly of narrow dirt roads that are only wide enough for a single vehicle, and there are several ruts and washouts that require extra vigilance and careful driving at reduced speeds. After meandering through the desert terrain for hours, you'll eventually arrive at another small fishing village called Desemboque. At this point, taking a right turn will lead you to the final off-road segment before reaching the pavement, and a left turn will take you to Puerto Liberdad, where you can replenish your fuel supplies with gas and diesel. Beware, this paved section can be full of very large potholes and is not well maintained.


This road is dirt with some sand mostly one vehicle wide. The danger in this route is the smooth wide open sections that precede the near washouts of the road that require a careful crawl to avoid damage or need for recovery. Be aware, especially after a couple of hours of the scenery and pace can catch you off guard. Although mostly dirt, the final section Northbound to the highway has some deep rut sections that are wash-boarded on the bottom and sandy on the sides and in the center. An option is to place your tires on the sandy sections which requires careful steering but is much smoother. This is a very remote desert route that is better crossed with more than one vehicle. If crossing alone makes sure you have extra water for a couple of days and fuel in case of a wrong turn or additional exploring.

Technical Rating


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Access Description

Start in the fishing town of Punta Chueca via directions from onX maps.

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