Mision Santa Gertrudis La Magna

Total Miles


487.05 ft



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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This scenic offroad trail leads to Mision Santa Gertrudis La Magna from Valle de Los Cirrios. The trail terrain changes frequently, from sand, rocks, dirt, to pebbles and even a little bit of rock crawling. The trail winds a bit, but there is only one truly challenging section with rock obstacles, steep grades, and washouts, but absolutely maneuverable. Some sections are smooth and dusty, allowing for high speeds.


Steep grades, inclined rock crawling and dropouts.


Established in 1751 by misionary explorer Fernando Consag, and named for his sponsors wife Dona Gertrudis de la Pena. Consag, along with the local Cochimi's transported water from the nearby spring to establish vineyards for sacramental wine. The Mision remained in use until 1822 and was refurbished in 1997. The mission is currently open to self guided tours.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Follow the Valle de Los Cirrios for about 41 miles then turn right at the opening in the gate.