San Lucas to Presa las Palmas (Water Dam)

Total Miles


540.74 ft


45 Hours

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Trail Overview

This trail is the way to go to the Presa las Palmas, from Cabo San Lucas Airport (as a reference to start from).It's a fun dirt road, with water crossing during the rainy season, river beds, and a small local community called El Sauzal.After some hills, you will end up in a very soft sandy river bed that leads you to Las Palmas. It's a nice place to camp, kayak, or swim. It is beautiful and green during the rainy season.During the rainy season, the road is loose dirt, with some soft sand patches that can get challenging. Do not ride this trail on or after heavy rain. Ask the local people before you go for weather tips. Some sections of the trail may get impossible to go through without a dirt bike or a 4WD.


Ask local people if you are doing this trail on raining season.

Technical Rating