East Bahia Concepcion Adventure to Playa Punta Santa Domingo

Total Miles


77.25 ft


5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Winter

Trail Overview

Winding along the eastern edge of the bay and culminating in a stunning beach at the peninsula's tip - an unrivaled destination among Baja's off-road routes. Your journey will commence by veering off the main highway at KM76, where you may encounter a closed gate to be opened and shut behind you, safeguarding the road from stray cattle. Please note that this may not be an ideal voyage to embark upon during the rainy season, especially in late summer when the salt flats may pose a challenge. Nevertheless, if you opt to venture further north, beyond KM76, you will avoid the salt flats. While the trek is not excessively arduous, you should expect some challenges, including overgrown areas that will inevitably leave pinstripes on your vehicle around two-thirds of the way north. The trail also features some deep and off-camber ruts, mandating the use of a 4x4 vehicle to navigate these rocky stretches on the beach. As you make your way toward the coastline, be mindful of the current conditions and tides. It is essential to pack plentiful supplies and water, as there are no services or assistance available en route. Not recommended for solo travel. But the prize at the end of your voyage is beyond compare - a remote, pristine beach of unparalleled beauty that stands as one of the most striking hidden gems of Baja.

Photos of East Bahia Concepcion Adventure to Playa Punta Santa Domingo

East Bahia Concepcion Adventure to Playa Punta Santa Domingo
East Bahia Concepcion Adventure to Playa Punta Santa Domingo
East Bahia Concepcion Adventure to Playa Punta Santa Domingo


Most of this route will easily fall into a level 3 rating, however there are sections where you are forced off of the trail to the rocky beach that require experience in go or no go off-road decision making. Its very important to walk the areas along this route when you are unsure of the surface due to often changing conditions. Before running this route we were only able to find one other documented trip that made it to the beach at the end for various reasons. There also may be one other closed cattle gate after passing the turn off to Arroyo Los Pintados. So use caution and make sure you are well prepared for vehicle supported exploration.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Dana Greenlaw
Feb 27, 2024
Took our expedition truck 1/3 of the way north up the peninsula. At a certain point it became too much for a big truck like this, although clearly a smaller truck could easily handle it. Lots of scraping/scratching from trees on the way in, and the washes make for slow going. But there’s hardly anyone out here, and that’s great!

Access Description

From Mulege take Highway one South past all of the beautiful (and usually busy) Bahia Concepcion beaches to KM74. Take a left and air down.

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