St Mary's FSR

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1,354.75 ft


1 Hours

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Starting marker 27km on the St Mary's Forest Service Road, you start by traveling alongside St Mary lake which has a recreation site to stop at, also with a few pullouts around the lake. Following the FSR you will come across a few spur roads which lead to some great trails such as the Grey Creek Pass (Closed in the winter). You follow the St Mary River at the bottom of the valley with mountains on either side. The road is well maintained but expect ruts and fallen rock in some sections. there is active logging in the area along with a few rockslide and avalanche sections. The end of this trail will lead you to a crossroad where you can take either road for more adventures.

Photos of St Mary's FSR

St Mary's FSR
St Mary's FSR
St Mary's FSR


A lot of snow in the winter months depends if there is logging will determine how far you will get access, 4x4 in the winter is recommended. Watch for big fallen rocks or sudden avalanches.

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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

From Kimberley, follow the direction to St Mary's Lake.

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