Farmers Lookout From 142 Main

Total Miles


484.25 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This trail starts at the Boomerang Lake intersection off of 142 Main. Very shortly the road turns into a tighter trail that crosses a creek and goes along a de-activated road. Once you get onto the maintained road stay left and follow that to the very end where it turns back into a trail with a lot of stumps so you have to be careful to pick the correct line or risk getting high centered with nowhere good to winch off. When you get to the end of the trail you get to enjoy a wonderful view of Blackjack Lake, The Valley, and Mount DeCosmos! Be extra careful when you park at the end because it is on the edge of a cliff you do not want to go off the edge of.

Photos of Farmers Lookout From 142 Main

Farmers Lookout From 142 Main
Farmers Lookout From 142 Main


There are a lot of stumps that will catch the axles of anything with tires smaller than 35 inches.


Legend has it this cliff edge was used by a farmer to look over and protect his homestead in the early 1900's.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Liam Hafey
Dec 26, 2023
Started with a VERY tight S turn between a large tree and a boulder and then down through the creek. No body damage for my large f250 but with only an inch to spare. Hardest part was the entrance. After that was easy until the last hill climb which features stumps and some steeper grade crawling with large root pockets for tires to get caught in. Possibly some more risk of under carriage damage and hangups on stumps. 35” tires highly recommended on anything full sized. 33” will make it on anything jeep sized and smaller. All in all a great trail. Much shorter but still challenging and fun.

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