Blunt Creek FSR

Total Miles


1,120.37 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Blunt Creek is one of numerous routes in the interior near Smithers, British Columbia. The mainline road is well maintained for about 75% of the track until it narrows, as there is a less-traveled portion near the end of the route. A lot of old logging cut blocks in the area have provided a vast amount of areas to explore with the spur roads everywhere. There are some residential areas as well as First Nation lands in the area to be mindful of. Just before you get to the Forest Service Road, you drive through a traditional fishing area at a fast, rapid river. Folks fish with the use of nets and it is a pretty cool thing to watch.

Photos of Blunt Creek FSR

Blunt Creek FSR
Blunt Creek FSR


These are relatively good road conditions. The deeper down the road you go, there becomes some mud and water-filled puddles and sections that aren't too deep or rutted. It's easy to drive through.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Will Conley
Jun 24, 2024
Easy dirt road drive, watch out for logging trucks as it is active and cows. We saw a bear as well!

Access Description

This route is located just off Highway 16 at Witset Canyon.

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