Boomerang Lake From 155 Main

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371.30 ft


1 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This is a beautiful lake with 5 hidden campsites and a few trails to test out your modified 4X4. The route starts out at the Northwest Bay logging road gate. Once you pass through the gate you will take a left turn at the first Y intersection after the farmer's field. That will put you onto 155 Main. Once you start on 155 Main, Follow that road for approximately 12.5 Km. You will come to a well-used 4-way intersection. Take the road going to the left for 500m. Keep your eyes open for a trail off the right side of the road. You will follow that to the lake! 33" tires are recommended but it is passable with 31s and a very good line choice. Perfect spot to take the family fishing. This route is only open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays but double-check Mosaic's website before you head out to be sure it's open. Remember to have your headlights on and pack out what you pack in (plus more).

Photos of Boomerang Lake From 155 Main

Boomerang Lake From 155 Main
Boomerang Lake From 155 Main
Boomerang Lake From 155 Main


There are lots of stumps to get stuck on if you aren't paying attention.


The lake was first stocked with catchable trout in 1934.

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Connor R
Dec 29, 2023

Access Description

North west bay logging road off of Highway 19. 1.5 Kilometres south of exit 46 (Parksville Weigh Scales).

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