Johnson Lake Road

Total Miles


1163.38 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall

Trail Overview

Johnson Lake Road is a windy road with a series of switchbacks that you can access off Adams Lake Road West. There are two ways to get to Johnson Lake. the easy way where you will see people hauling campers and the other way which is a narrower bumpy route but easily accessible with an SUV or bigger. When you get there you will be blown away by the incredible emerald waters that make you think you are in the Caribbean. This lake is known for paddle boarding and kayaking and it has a 12-spot rec site just on the south side of the lake. There is no cell service and that's not a bad thing.


This route is narrower then the main access point and has a series of switchbacks with some bumpy sections that you have to slow down for.

Technical Rating