Buck Hills FSR

Total Miles


1,326.54 ft


0.6 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Take a short drive out of Vernon on a scenic trail that ends at the Aberdeen Columns well known for climbing, but it's still worth the quick hike around the area. They are polygonal Basalt originating from volcanic activity and raise up to 22m from the ground. It's a very short hike to stunning views of the basalt columns and views of Silverstar Mountain Resort. The parking area is a designated Rec site camping is permitted. Fairly smooth FSR gives you another option to get out to the Nicklen Lake area. Some more great views in the cut-block areas, especially at sunset in the fall. The road is in pretty good shape and most SUVs will be fine. There are potholes and washboard areas but again, it's pretty tame.

Photos of Buck Hills FSR

Buck Hills FSR
Buck Hills FSR
Buck Hills FSR


Pot holes and washboard areas - a little erosion from spring melt. Easy trail 2wd access in the summer, trail access in late spring to late fall depending on snow levels. This trail is not plowed in the winter.

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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

Highway #6 (east): Drive from Vernon 16.3km east to Lavington, B.C. into the Coldstream Creek valley. Right onto Park Lane - follow 0.7km to Learmouth Road. Turn left onto Learmouth Rd - follow for 1.7km to Reid Rd Turn left onto Reid Rd - follow for 1.2km to Whitevale Rd. Turn right onto Whitevale Road - which becomes Bluenose Road when the pavement ends after about 1km. Wind up the Bluenose Road for 8km to the start of the Aberdeen Forest Service Road. Turn left onto the Aberdeen, Haddow Lake Road between the 10km - 11km sign boards. Many signs to other lakes (Aberdeen, Nicklen, etc) Stay right just after the bridge at 12km and left onto the Goat Creek FSR at 14km. Park just past the corner at 18.1km. Park near the 90-degree corner along the road. The trail heads into the trees on the east side of the road.

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