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onX Hunt at Pheasant Fest – Booth #2013

Get 1-Month of onX Hunt Elite for Free

An onX Hunt Elite Membership provides detailed maps for all 50 states and Canada and includes access to onX Hunt’s proprietary Basemaps, property lines, landowner information, GPS Map Tools (Waypoints, Tracker, Line Distance, Area Shape, and more), Wind & Weather, Offline Maps for use without cell service, Sharing, and hundreds of hunt-specific layers. Put the nation’s most accurate land ownership information in the palm of your hand with onX Hunt Elite.

onX Offline Event

Friday, March 1st, 9:00 PM CST
Ramkota Sioux Falls, Grand Rushmore Hall

Join us for a night of live music, camaraderie, and conservation.

You’ll have the chance to win a variety of upland gear with free pull tabs, share a beverage courtesy of Lienenkugels, and learn more about how the new PATH program is impacting walk-in access across South Dakota’s landscape. Live music by the Dam Jammers.


  • Thursday, February 29th
    • Concert for Conservation
      • 6:30 pm – Washington Pavilion
  • Friday, March 1st
    • PATH Panel
      • 5:30 pm – Public Land Stage
    • onX Offline Event
      • 9:00 pm
      • Grand Rushmore Hall, Ramkota Hotel
  • Saturday March 2nd
    • Seminar: E-Scouting for Pheasants
      • 12:30 pm – Path to the Uplands Stage
    • PATH Panel
      • 5:30 pm – Public Land Stage
  • Sunday March 3rd
    • Seminar: E-Scouting for Pheasants
      • 10:30 am – Path to the Uplands Stage
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onX Hunt Partner Booths

Birds, Booze and Buds Podcast: 2702

Federal Premium Ammunition: 1813

Final Rise: 2015

Her Upland: 813

Hunting Dog Podcast: 615

Lucky Duck: 2113

North American Grouse Partnership: 2072

Public Land Tees: 2601

Rob Roberts Custom Gun Works: 3208

Ruffed Grouse Society: 2602

Sharing the Land: 2908

Silencer Central: 1713

Sound Gear: 1613

The Flush: 811

Upland Gun Company: 2019

Key Features

Use these features to find more success.

Nationwide Public & Private Land Boundaries

Color-coded public and private land ownership boundaries allow you to easily find your own property, public ground, and land ownership information including names and tax addresses. Learn More.

Compass Mode

The Compass Mode tool allows you to find your orientation and distance from features on the map and add Waypoints at specific distances and directions from your location. Learn More.

Custom Map Tools

Customizable Waypoints, Lines, and Tracks will help you build out every detail of your property. From managing your trail cameras, sharing an entrance or exit route with you hunting partner, or searching for that perfect next set to hang, the onX Hunt App has tools for every aspect of managing the property you hunt. Learn More.

Crop Data Layers

Agricultural crops provide valuable, diverse, and widespread food sources for a wide variety of huntable species, including whitetail deer, waterfowl, pheasant, turkey, elk, and antelope. Now with a suite of onX Crop Data Layers, you can find 19 different color-coded crop types that were present on the ground the previous growing season. Learn More.

3D Maps, Recent Imagery and More

Understand the lay of the land like never before with fully functional 3D maps. Use 3D exaggeration in less terrain laden areas to easily see nuanced terrain features. On top of that, highly recent, low resolution imagery is now also available to get an up-to-date look at the ground and vegetation across the country. Learn More.

Offline Maps

No service needed. Save detailed maps of the property you hunt to ensure you always have the tools you need at your fingertips. Learn More.

the ultimate Upland bird scouting tool

From start to finish, make the most of your time in the field with onX Hunt


Our onX Hunt Masterclasses connect you directly with our team, our partners, and our ambassadors, so you can watch and learn in a live environment. This unique setting unlocks a whole new way of learning, giving you the confidence and tools you need to be a better hunter.

Upland Bird Scouting Tips

Upland Bird Scouting Tips

Learn how to find new spots for chasing upland birds, whether you’re across the country or close to home.

5 Tips For Finding More Birds Using onX Hunt

Duration 5:11
Follow along with Ben Brettingen as he breaks down how to use onX Hunt for Bird Hunting. Utilize walk-in hunting areas, crop data, and private/public land boundaries. Share waypoints with friends and family, and organize content with folders to be more efficient in the field.

How To Find Ruffed Grouse & Woodcock

Duration 15:00
Follow along with onX’s own, Ben Brettingen, as he explains the tools and methods he uses within the hunt app to find spots to hunt Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock. Learn what habitat types to look for, what layers are most useful to have on, how to plan your routes, how to mark potential spots and organize them so no time is wasted, and much more!

OnX Hunt Map Tools for Upland Hunters with Pheasants Forever

Duration 7:22
Pheasants Forever’s Will Clayton is joined by OnX Hunt’s Ben Brettingen to discuss how using the OnX Hunt App can help you upland hunt more efficiently and effectively.

E-Scouting for Sharptails with ON X

Duration 9:47
Birds, Booze, and Buds Podcast’s Will Clayton is joined by OnX Hunt’s Ben Brettingen as they discuss E-Scouting for Sharptails.

Montana Public Land Hunt: Block Management and onX Maps

Duration 7:23
Welcome to Standing Stone Kennels! In this video we talk about onX Maps and how we hunted public land in Montana. Follow along to learn how to use this app on your next hunt.