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Update Now for Offline Maps Improvements (and More)

Update to the latest version of onX Hunt to enjoy Offline Map improvements and more.

August is looming, which means hunting season is not far behind. We’ve been busy in the onX offices these past months, working to create an update that will help you make the most of your hunting season. Update your onX Hunt App to the latest version to enjoy these new and upgraded features, then get out in the field and get your boots dirty… after all, that’s why we’re here.

The team at onX has been busy converting our map layers to a new technology, which we’ve just released in our latest app update. This update brings you faster-loading map layers—when testing around the office, we’ve measured that layers are loading around 10x faster when you load the Hunt App or pan to a new area on the map. No more moving to a new area and waiting for your layers to load.

This new technology also brings you crisper maps at higher zoom levels and won’t pixelate when you zoom in.

Man holding phone with onX Hunt App showing on screen in car.

We consistently hear that Offline Maps are one of our users’ favorite onX features. The ability to save maps to your device outside the cell network ensures you won’t worry when heading into the backcountry—you can be sure your maps are saved and accessible even when you lose cell service.

Since Offline Maps are one of our most-used, most-loved features, we’ve added a few updates. Be sure to update the onX Hunt App to the latest version to take advantage of new features, including:

  • Improved speed and functionality—navigate maps 10x faster
  • Offline Maps now automatically save all available layers in “My Layers”
  • Query is now available in Offline Maps (view landowner information with one tap, even when out of service)

Offline Maps allow you to easily find what you’re looking for—even without cell service—as long as you’ve saved your maps before heading outside of service areas.

Turn your phone into a backcountry-capable GPS.

Did you ever forget to save a layer and wonder where it was when you were offline, in the field? Now you’ll have automatic access to your layers—without remembering to turn on layers before downloading. New saved Offline Maps will have all layers from “My Layers”; your old Offline Maps will transfer over but still have only the layers you’d previously saved.

So now you’ll automatically have all Basemaps and all layers in your “My Layers” section saved when you make an Offline Map. There’s no more having to pick the layers/maps you need before downloading; we’re streamlining the process to make your prep time shorter and easier.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to save your maps while on Wi-Fi before leaving home, and then test them to ensure everything saved just the way you want it.

Man shooting compound bow.

Beyond Offline Map improvements, this most recent update helps all your maps to be more responsive and use less phone space—ensuring you can focus on what really matters, and know that your maps will be right there when you need it. The transparency slide has now been replaced by an automatic transparency change that occurs as you zoom in / out.

When using Offline Maps, you can:

  • View current location, property ownership and boundaries
  • Mark and customize Waypoints, Lines and Tracks
  • Access all three Basemap options: Aerial, Topographic and Hybrid
  • Save three different zoom levels for use out of service

You’ll now be able to view landowner information, property acreage and other additional information offline by simply tapping on a particular location. There is a lot of information hidden on our maps that can be accessed by tapping; if you’re not currently tapping recreation points to get more info or tapping a landowner name to get acreage and their address, now is the time to start playing around with it.

Pro tip: remember to put your phone in Airplane Mode to save battery while outside of cell service.

Our update helps all your maps be more responsive and use less phone space—ensuring you can focus on what really matters, and know that your maps will be right there when you need them.


Jess McGlothlin

Before taking the role of onX Communications Writer, Jess McGlothlin worked as a freelance photographer and writer in the outdoor and fly-fishing industries. While on assignment in the past few years she’s learned how to throw spears at coconuts in French Polynesia, dodge saltwater crocodiles in Cuba, stand-up paddleboard down Peruvian Amazon tributaries and eat all manner of unidentifiable food.