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This spring, Higdon Outdoors’ Beau Brooks went on the road in pursuit of a single-season turkey Grand Slam.

For most, attaining a turkey Grand Slam (tagging out on all four wild turkey subspecies—Eastern, Merriam’s, Rio Grande and Osceala) is something that might only be accomplished over the course of many years. Considering the amount of research and travel involved, Beau Brooks’ goal of completing the slam in a single year is nothing short of monumentally ambitious.

The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) has recorded just over 1,500 hunters that have completed the Grand Slam—and that’s over the course of a lifetime. Watch the four episodes below and follow along as Beau attempts to add his name to the record books. Can he make it happen?

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Episode 1: Osceola Down

Episode 2: Tennessee Double Down

Episode 3: Rio Rundown

Episode 4: Merriam Madness

Christian Fichtel

Raised in North Carolina’s Appalachian Mountains, Christian Fichtel now resides in rural Montana. He is a father, writer, hunter, and fly fisherman.