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Beau Martonik of East Meets West Hunt breaks down how to increase your odds of success in the big woods of the Northeast.

Tools for whitetail success
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It’s no secret that the mountainous terrain and big woods of the northeast make up one of the hardest places to hunt mature whitetails. Beau Martonik helps shorten your learning curve by breaking down what to look for using the onX Hunt App.

In this five-part series, Beau details many different hunting scenarios and couples e-scouting using the onX Web Map with boots-on-the-ground scouting to help confirm that his target locations are worth a sit during the season.

From breaking down the big woods to timber cuts and creek bottoms, this comprehensive series on how to scout and hunt the mountainous regions of Appalachia is sure to help you find more success in the big woods this fall.

The Tools You Need

Timber Cuts Layer

We’ve compiled data from timber harvest projects on federal public land into the Timber Cuts Layer. Use this layer to hone in on areas with young growth and, therefore, a higher density of forage.

onX Hunt App showing the PA Timber Harvest Map Layer.

Custom Waypoints

Mark up your prospective hunting areas with fully customizable Waypoints. By setting Waypoints on potential stand locations, pinch points, and other areas of interest, you can cut down on your scouting time and make the most of every minute you spend in the woods.

Make Your Seasons Count
onX Hunt offers all the tools you need to find success in the whitetail woods. Get a head start on your fall season now.

Christian Fichtel

Raised in North Carolina’s Appalachian Mountains, Christian Fichtel now resides in rural Montana. He is a father, writer, hunter, and fly fisherman.