Archery Elk Hunting Checklist

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Archery Elk Hunt Checklist

I had only several precious hours to get in an evening whitetail hunt one day last year. As soon as the office clock struck five, I raced to my car, leaving a cloud of dust and loose papers in my wake.

I picked up my wife and we sped out of town. We were ready to spend another fall evening outside.

We parked the car, put on our camo and slung our packs. When I went for my bow, however, I realized my mind had been so full of important tasks, facts and knowledge from the workday that there was no room left to remember my weapon. Of course I took it graciously and refrained from any sort of overreaction or cursing. I assured my wife I would be just as happy, if not happier, to simply watch her hunt.

We don’t like to admit it, but regardless of time spent preparing, hunters can be a forgetful bunch. In our effort to help even the sharpest of minds remember the essentials for opening day, we’ve created the essentials checklist for archery elk hunting in the West. We kept it to some of the most basic needs for hunting, harvesting, cleaning and generally surviving a mountain elk hunt.

Success favors the prepared
This Checklist will Help You Prepare for Success. Increase Your Chances Even More With the onX Hunt App.

We hope everyone enjoys the gift of elk season and want all hunters to be far more prepared than I usually am.

onX Archery Elk Hunt Checklist

Written by Cavan Williams