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A 40-acre parcel in the heart of Wisconsin, known as Aspen Lane, is the venue where the Drach boys of Andrew, Garrett, and Tyler came of age. And now, they’re sharing it with their young ones. Spanning three generations, this property plays host to myriad hunting adventures for the family and their friends. In 1978, Jeff Drach bought the property and began deer hunting there. It’s quickly taken on acclaim in their family and has grown in importance as his sons have all rifle hunted for deer there.

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This film, Aspen Lane, from filmmakers at Outback Outdoors, follows the Drach family as they reflect on their experiences on this property, how it’s developed from a simple 10-foot stand on the edge of a field to a full-blown deer mecca, and how Jeff’s three sons, Garrett, Andrew, and Tyler all hope to share similar days in the field with their kids. Though the youngsters are of differing ages, the goals are the same: appreciate the land, honor the animal, and participate in processing the food they’ll be consuming all year. 

It’s the type of place where hard skills like marksmanship, navigation, tracking, are as valuable as soft skills like patience and perseverance. Aspen Lane has granted Garrett the opportunity to expose his children to challenges, saying “sometimes, it’s just not fun out there.” And it becomes ever more important to engage the kids in new and unique ways, especially when smartphones are removed from the equation. 

Garrett went on to say that it’s important that the kids learn how to “let their mind float,” allowing them to distance themselves from pressures of the outside world. When that doesn’t work, he caters to their interests, like his son Lewis’s affinity for Weird Al Yankovich. Garrett and Lewis have been known to write their own parody songs in the field together. (We’re hoping for a release of that just as much as you are.)

When Jeff bought the property more than 40 year ago, he could only hope it’d turn into the familial gathering place that it is now. But as the Drach’s look forward to the 2021 deer season, two of the grandkids are looking to draw a bow in the field, while a few others are looking to take down their first buck. Fathers Andrew, Tyler, and Garrett know that as the years go on, the less time they’ll be spending behind the barrel themselves in favor of letting their kids have a shot, and that seems truly fitting for this family.

Mitch Breton

Mitch Breton was raised on the shores of Maine’s coastline chasing fresh snow, trout, grouse, and the best darn mosquito repellent money can buy. Covering topics from fly fishing, car camping, and beyond, he thrives on a story well-told.