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Plus 15% off the Upland Institute Complete Series for Elite members.

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Every gundog owner strives for a finished, bird-finding machine, but training a bird dog can be tough. To help get the most out of your dog, we’ve teamed up with Upland Institute to help you on your training and handling journey. Justin McGrail and Ron Boehme combine more than six decades of professional training, judging, testing, and hunting experience into an online program geared to help you and your dog prepare for years of shared success. 

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Nick Larson

“I’ve been a fan of Justin McGrail’s training methodologies and straightforward approach since I first started hearing his interviews on The Hunting Dog Podcast with Ron Boehme. Developing my first two bird dogs over the past eight years has involved plenty of ups and downs along the way, but I’ve learned a lot about dogs and birds over the course of that time and my enjoyment of upland hunting has never been greater—thanks to the dogs of course. Having a well-trained dog and being able to find the best covers using the onX Hunt App has opened up my opportunities immensely.”

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