Cody Townsend’s
The Fifty Project

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What Are The Fifty Classic Ski Descents?

This project spawned from the book “The 50 Classic Ski Descents of North America” written by Penn Newhard, Art Burrows, and Chris Davenport. With a mix of lines ranging greatly in technicality, Cody is trying to do something that’s never been done before—ski all of them. The lines represent the steepest, most aesthetic terrain available to the skier’s eye, most above 45 degrees. This multi-year project has taken on a life of its own as a Youtube series, consisting of 50 ski-oriented episodes with a few bonus episodes littered throughout with showing the viewer behind the scenes, updates, and fun interviews.

cody townsend climbing

Who Is Cody Townsend?

The ski industry is saturated with colorful characters who huck huge cliffs, carve spines, and throw out their fair share of shakas. Yet none really compare to the hilarity, relatability, and charisma that Tahoe, California, resident Cody Townsend brings. Born on the shores of Santa Cruz, California, he grew up as a beach bum with a mix of weekends up in the mountains. Now, he’s one of the most notable skiers you’ll find in films, deep in the backcountry, or patronizing your favorite local après-dive bar. Stripped of the ego many skiers carry, he provides a tactical and philosophical approach to the mountains that has drawn thousands of followers to his adventures. And that audience has been helpful in launching his latest endeavor, “The Fifty.”

Cody Townsend Using onX Backcountry

How onX Backcountry Helped Make It Happen

Cody is highly tactical, sourcing beta from myriad sources, including avy forecasts, friends, and other skiers. This approach to the mountains made for a symbiotic partnership. We’re happy to be Cody’s mapping partner providing him with those avalanche forecasts, a place to take photos, and a navigation tool that allows him to confidently head into these zones. With Offline Maps he’s able to take all his annotations with him, track his progress, and make it back to the car safely. As Cody charges forward with his project, we’ll be adding his lines to the app so you can get a taste of the difficulty that went into shooting the project.

Find Your Fifty

onX Backcountry has partnered with Cody Townsend to include guidebook descriptions of the Fifty Project routes in the App. View GPX tracks, distance, elevation, and other data provided by Townsend himself. Dive deeper into the Fifty Project with onX Backcountry.

The FIFTY – Year 4 Trailer


The Fifty returns for 2022 for the fourth year of The Fifty Project. Follow along with Cody Townsend and friends for laughs, steeps, suffering, and adventure.

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