onX Backcountry Pricing and Options

It’s time to make an investment in your confidence, safety, and enjoyment in the outdoors.


onX Backcountry is $29.99 for the Premium Membership. You can also start a trial and receive Premium features for seven days.

Topo, Satellite, Hybrid Map Layers, and Pinpoint Weather
Try 7-day Premium Trial
Full Offline Access to all Map Layers, Data, Route Building Tools, and Tracking.
$2.50/mo billed annually

What You’ll Get

Learn more about what’s included with Free and Premium.

Topographic, Satellite and, Hybrid Map Layers
Pinpoint Weather Forecasts
Historic Avalanche Fatalities & Observations
GPS Offline Access (Maps, Layers, Waypoints, Tracking, etc)
SNOTEL Weather Station Data
Custom Route Building Tools
Map Layers (Slope Angle, Avalanche Forecast, Active Wildfires, and more…)
Over 10k Guidebook Adventures
Over 650K Miles of Trails
Public Land Boundaries and Designations
3D Maps for iOS, Android and Web Browsers
Over 500K Recreation Points (campgrounds, boat launches, etc.)
And Much More

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Is onX Backcountry worth it?

Just like having the right pair of boots, putting reliable offline GPS maps and navigation at your fingertips can be priceless. But don’t take our word for it:

“This app saved my toes! Tried this out when backpacking Big Bend for the first time. Ended up getting snowed into a mountaintop campsite with a historic amount of snow. This app gave us the confidence we were going the right way to return to the base when we couldn’t see any trail or tracks at all and needed to get down in time to prevent frostbite.” — Apple Store 5-star review

Is the onX Backcountry App free?

Yes: onX Backcountry offers a free version of the App, which includes satellite, topo, and hybrid maps, as well as the ability to Track your trips and add markups.

Free does not include guidebook-quality Adventures, trail descriptions, recreation points, and the ability to download unlimited offline maps for real-time location tracking on the map even outside of cell service. Upgrade to Premium to access all of the App’s adventure potential.

What is the difference between onX Hunt and onX Backcountry?

Here at onX we strive to build our apps for a specific use as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach. onX Backcountry has specific app features like Avalanche Forecasts and Slope Angle for our backcountry ski/splitboard explorers. And for our backcountry trail lovers, we have a rich set of Adventures that have been curated specifically for hikers, trail runners, and backpacking enthusiasts.

What is the difference between an onX Backcountry Free Membership vs. Premium Membership?

The Free version of the Backcountry App includes the ability to use satellite, topo, and hybrid maps, save one offline map, Track trips, and add limited Waypoints. 

The Premium Membership includes guidebook-quality Adventures, Featured trails with descriptions and photos, recreation points, and unlimited offline maps. Upgrade to Premium to access all of the App’s adventure potential.

What comes with an onX Backcountry free trial?

The onX Backcountry free trial includes full access to a Premium membership for seven days. During the free trial users will be able to access satellite, topo, and hybrid maps, see guidebook-quality Adventures, discover Featured Trails with trail descriptions and photos, save unlimited offline maps, Track trips, add Waypoints, and share trails and markups with other Backcountry users.