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Backcountry Tour Planning with Beacon Guidebooks

Wednesday, Feb 21, 2024 @ 6:00PM MST

Join us on February 21st at 6:00PM MST for a night of backcountry ski tour planning, utilizing the Guidebooks and ATES layers in onX Backcountry. This month, we’re joined by Josh Kling, IFMGA Licensed Mountain Guide and author of Beacon Guidebook’s Backcountry Skiing Silverton, Colorado book. Learn how to utilize the current avalanche forecast in tandem with the guidebook routes in onX Backcountry to find terrain suitable for the day’s conditions and how to anticipate avalanche terrain.

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onX Backcountry: Mapping The Fifty with Cody Townsend

Join Cody Townsend and the onX Backcountry crew to get an inside look at route planning during The Fifty Project. Learn firsthand from Cody’s wealth of experience as he shares invaluable insights, tips, and strategies for navigating backcountry terrain effectively and safely. Discover the app’s powerful features that assist in route planning, avalanche safety, terrain assessment, and more, empowering you to make informed decisions before embarking on your own adventures. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your backcountry skiing skills with Cody Townsend and unlock the full potential of the onX Backcountry app!

Mapping Your Summit with Colorado Fourteeners Initiative

Elevate your route planning game while becoming a responsible steward of our majestic peaks. Join onX Backcountry and the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative for a discussion on essential skills and knowledge needed to conquer a 14er with confidence and respect. We will be covering everything from route planning and gear selection to navigation techniques and safety protocols. We go beyond just reaching the summit by emphasizing the importance of being a responsible steward of these pristine environments. Discover how to minimize your impact, leave no trace, and contribute to the preservation and restoration efforts championed by organizations like the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative.

Gearing Up For Your Next Backpacking Trip with Dan Becker

Join the onX Backcountry Crew and Dan Becker for a lesson on how to use onX Backcountry to plan your next backpacking trip and ensure you have the right gear for the journey. Dan Becker is a outdoorsman, father, and self proclaimed gear nerd. Learn how to use onX Backcountry to plan a multi day hike

Routing Your Next Backpacking Objective with Jeff Garmire

Join the onX Backcountry crew and SheJumps for a comprehensive lesson on how to boost your mapping confidence using the onX Backcountry App. AMGA Guide Sarah Mac joins onX ambassador Sierra Schlag for an in depth run through on how to plan a tour with onX Backcountry.

Ladies Tour Planning – Boost Your Mapping Confidence in the Backcountry

Join the onX Backcountry crew and Jeff Garmire for a comprehensive lesson on how to use onX Backcountry to plan logistics, mileage, and timing for long distance hikes using our new Route Builder Feature. This class will focus on Mount Hood’s iconic Timberline Trail and feature a live Q&A and a chance to win free gear. Walk away knowing how to use onX Backcountry to its fullest to prepare for your next big adventure.

onX Backcounry 101: Master the App

Join the onX Backcountry crew for a comprehensive lesson on how to get the most out of the onX Backcountry App. Learn how to use Snow Mode, Trail Mode, Find a Hike or Backcountry Ski Line, view active wildfires, or avalanche reports in the app.

onX Backcountry 101: Master the App in Snow with Griffin Post

onX Backcountry Ambassador and Arctic Explorer Griffin Post joins the onX Backcountry crew for a comprehensive lesson on how to get the most out of the App in the snow.

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