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Participation in outdoor recreation is at an all-time high. We’ve all seen it—increased traffic on well-known trails, crowded boat ramps, and visible reminders of human interaction in places we once thought were our secret spots. The ongoing pandemic may have steepened the curve—many locations saw a 200% increase in trail use in 2020—but the trend itself is nothing new. Following the second World War, the need for a more considered approach to wilderness recreation was recognized and led to the development of the Leave No Trace ethic—a framework for sustainable outdoor recreation—and, in 1994, the creation of the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics.

We’re All In for Outdoors
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According to Leave No Trace Executive Director Dana Watts, “While the concept of Leave No Trace already existed, there was a need identified amongst leaders of the outdoor industry for a program for all people who were getting outside to understand how to minimally impact the outdoors.”

We recognize the degree to which tools like onX Backcountry make outdoor recreation more accessible, and we feel a responsibility to ensure that as more people find enjoyment in the places we love, they do so in a way that preserves the very beauty that makes these places so special. To that end, we’ve partnered with Leave No Trace to support their mission of protecting the outdoors by teaching and inspiring people to recreate sustainably and ethically.

GOM Get to Know LNT Blog - Seven Principles

The Seven Principles

The Leave No Trace Seven Principles provide an easily understood framework of minimum impact practices for anyone visiting the outdoors—that means everything from true wilderness to local parks. Leave No Trace’s education-focused mission has spread these principles across the outdoor recreation landscape to ensure that the places that bring us so much joy remain unspoiled for future generations.

Our Commitment to Responsible Outdoor Recreation

From our public lands advocacy to boots-on-the-ground access projects, onX has always been a leader in empowering outdoor experiences and protecting the places we love. This partnership is just the next chapter of that work, and our alignment with Leave No Trace is encapsulated by the words of Leave No Trace Executive Director Dana Watts:

“Every year, more people are getting outside, and Leave No Trace is currently focused on reaching everyone—and specifically those who are new to the outdoors—to feel welcomed and equipped to recreate responsibly. This means ensuring that Leave No Trace education is inclusive and adapted for new audiences.”

We proudly support the work of Leave No Trace, and we’re committed to advancing the cause of sustainable, ethical outdoor recreation.


Christian Fichtel

Christian Fichtel grew up in North Carolina's Appalachian Mountains but now makes his home in rural Montana. He is a poet, a fly fisherman, and a firm believer that bourbon should be counted among mankind's greatest inventions.