Wyoming Big Horns

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2,576.64 ft



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Spring, Summer, Fall

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We started the day at the Red grade road outside Sheridan, WY. I was alone and a group showed up and invited me to ride with them. I was told it'd not a good idea to ride this area alone. They were right. This was some of the most challenging riding I've done to date. We started up the dirt road and came to a creek that was about 30' across and about 2' deep. Crossing on the bike wasn't too bad. From there we cruised up some dirt and rock roads to where the tough stuff began. Most of this riding is very rocky, steep with lots of varying elevation and switchbacks. Some of the switchbacks were very steep extremely difficult and satisfying to overcome.

Photos of Wyoming Big Horns

Wyoming Big Horns
Wyoming Big Horns
Wyoming Big Horns


Some of the terrain is intermediate. A very large part of it is for advanced riders. These trails are steep, big rocks and require a great deal of balance, clutch work and good tires aired down to about 8 psi in the rear and about 10 psi in the front when it's wet. We crossed water about 12 times and three of those crossing took riders down thus requiring us to drain the water out of the cylinder of the bikes. It's spring and these water crossings won't be there for much longer.

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Duffy Exon
Jun 21, 2023

Access Description

The Local Honda shop has a decent trail map of the area.

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