Big Goose/Game Creek

Total Miles


2,849.30 ft



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Best Time

Summer, Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

The majority of this trail is gravel and easy going up until the Game Creek turn off. The main entry is used by many people coming into the mountains to camp or fish so being on the lookout for oncoming traffic in the corners is a must. Once on Game Creek Trail the terrain chances to steep and rocky trails with a few of those hills being wet, especially during the spring runoff. The payoff of the adventure is making it to the South face of She-Bear Mountain were you can see across the entire valley. The trail does continue as non-motorized but is very rugged.

Photos of Big Goose/Game Creek

Big Goose/Game Creek
Big Goose/Game Creek
Big Goose/Game Creek


Even though the majority of this trail would be a 1, Game Cr. is not easy going and will require a lot of patience to navigate through a few spots. While a 4x4 is passable in the trail, it will increase the difficulty.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Steve Metcalf
Jul 18, 2023

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