Union Pass

Total Miles


2,943.12 ft


1.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Union Pass is an easy, well-graded forest road that takes you from the pass all the way down to the Green River. At over 9,000 feet, you'll find yourself in a bowl surrounded by beautiful vistas, meadows, and lakes. The road is super easy and most vehicles can travel without issue. There are several off-shoots to explore, but keep in mind the off-shoots are technical and tight. Take this trail down to the headwaters of the Green River and enjoy camping right on the river. You can spend days in this area exploring!


This trail is super easy. 2WD can do it if it's not wet. SxS, dirt bikes, and full-size everything is welcome up here.


Union Pass is a high mountain pass in the Wind River Range in Fremont County of western Wyoming in the United States. The pass is located on the Continental Divide between the Gros Ventre mountains on the west and the Wind River Range on the east. A triple divide exists nearby, where water may flow to the Mississippi River, Columbia River, or Colorado River. The pass was historically used by Native Americans and early mountain men including the Astor Expedition in 1811 on its way west. On the return trip, fearing hostile Indian activity near Union Pass, the Astorians chose a southern route and discovered South Pass.The pass was named by U.S. Army Captain William F. Raynolds in 1860. Raynolds was in charge of the Raynolds Expedition which was exploring the Yellowstone region immediately prior to the Civil War. After mountain man and guide Jim Bridger led the expedition over the pass, Raynolds gave the pass its current name.

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Access Description

From Highway 26, take the Union Pass road up past the town off Dunoir. The trailhead starts at forest land.

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