Palisades Indian Creek

Total Miles


2,892.88 ft


5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This route has AMAZING views where you ride along two forks of a creek that enter Palisades after their confluence towards the trailhead. The route takes the rider from 5800' to 9400' while crossing and riding in the creek. On the Southern side, the route is only 5 miles from the Hoback, a very well-known white river rafting site in the area. The views are amazing as the route snakes through the creek with huge peaks all around. While riding, make sure to watch for waterfalls and wildlife as the area is known for large elk and moose. If you're riding during the wetter season, the North Fork of Indian Creek is very slippery but extremely green even into the later summer months. This route is best ridden after July 4th and even into mid-July if it is a heavy winter and cold spring otherwise the rider may be stopped by snow.

Photos of Palisades Indian Creek

Palisades Indian Creek
Palisades Indian Creek
Palisades Indian Creek


Lots of boulder fields especially with new washes formed across the trail with flooding experienced in the area in the summer of '22. There are also multiple exposed switchbacks. Don't let the difficulty hold you back. This one is worth the challenge.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Travis Briscoe
Aug 26, 2023
Dirt Bike

Access Description

Trailhead is marked pretty well and the coordinates are 43.26124, -111.06390.

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