Yellow Jacket Creek

Total Miles


1250.55 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Yellow Jacket Creek is a combination of paved, dirt, and gravel roads. While there were some bumps and a couple of potholes, I would consider this very mild terrain. As we climbed up the mountain, we encountered snow, landslides, downed trees, and standing water. This is an out and back trail and does not loop around. There are some great dispersed camping areas in multiple locations along this trail. One of which is pictured and was perfect for a larger group. This trail was run during late fall/early winter and rained the whole time. I'm not sure how passable it is in winter with added snowfall.


I rated this trail as a three solely because of the washouts, land slides and downed trees at this particular time. I do not believe this trail is maintained during the winter, however it appeared that locals kept an eye on downed trees towards the paved section.

Technical Rating